The Annual Warther's Christmas Tree Festival

Each year, the Warther Museum and Gardens hosts the Christmas Tree Festival that benefits our local Union Hospital Auxiliary. Over 100 pre-decorated trees, wreaths, and home decor fill the museum with an unrivaled holiday spectacle. In 2018, the 25th Annual Christmas Tree Festival dates are November 10th-18th. Festival hours are: 10th-17th from 11am-8pm, 18th from 11am-5pm. Admission is $5 per person, proceeds go to the Union Hospital Auxiliary. (Please note 2019 dates are November 16th-24th.)

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The Man Behind the Knife Exhibit

In 1942, Mooney Warther was approached by a mother of a soldier who wanted him to make a knife that her son could carry to protect himself in World War II. As a pacifist, Mooney's hesitation was great, but her plea to give her son something that could potentially save his life led Mooney to create his line of World War II Commando Knives. Roughly 1100 were created in four years, using any resources Mooney could find. This May, The Warther Museum will be exhibiting Mooney's Commando Knives in The Man Behind the Knife Exhibit, including some commando knives that have not been on public display before. The Warther commando knives will be displayed with the soldier's war and life stories to honor those who fought, including some who never returned home from the war. Carol Warther Moreland, President of the Warther Museum states how “excited I am to reveal this exhibit to the public that truly honors and embodies the spirit of ‘The Greatest Generation’ and encompasses the battles and hardships they fought in the war, yet also highlights what they created with the rest of their lives, like the families they made and the leaders they all became in their towns upon their return.” The exhibit will run from May 1st to June 1st during standard museum hours. If you have a Mooney Warther Commando Knife and would like to showcase the knife and the soldier's story during the exhibit, please contact The Warther Museum would be honored to showcase the knife and tell the story of the soldier behind it.

"Mooney's Workbench" Educational Days

    All educational days will include a 30 minute discussion/presentation with a 30 minute activity and access to all Warther Museum galleries. All students must be pre-registered and paid 2 days in advance. Cancellations will be refunded with 24 hours notice of cancellation (any cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled). Please call (330) 343- 7513 ext. 206 to register or email 

March 30th: 10am Eddie Richard’s Artifact Collection. View selections of Eddie’s (Mooney’s brother-in-law) collection and discuss and analyze the pieces in the collection. Along with brief history of select time periods and Native cultures from the area, this collection has many unique pieces from many parts of North America including Alaska, Mexico, Nova Scotia, and Tennessee as well as right in the surrounding areas. The activity will be to fashion your own tool/point out of a bar of soap. Cost $5 per student.

April 27th: 10am The Man Behind the Knife Exhibit. Listen to the history of the making of Mooney’s Commando knives in correlation to WWII events. Experience local soldier’s stories and see their memorabilia from war. The activity will be to create a soldier’s biography about his/her service with correctly researched events from WWII and learn how to explore the NARA database. Cost $4 per student.

September 28th: 10am The Plier Tree: Exponential Function and Fibonacci’s Sequence. View the making of the Plier Tree with video, explanation of pliers, and round tower. See how Mooney used Exponential Function and its relationship to Fibonacci’s Sequence (with examples of each). The activity is to find in nature or create your own use of exponential function (rose, pinecone, seashell) and demonstrate it through a piece of art. Cost $4 per student.

October 26th: 10am The Art of Woodcarving. See first hand Mooney’s shop, tools, workspace, and go in depth about how he created his carvings. View footage of Mooney creating his works and learn carving safety, information about materials and tools, and learn how to get started. The activity will be to carve from bar of soap. Cost $5 per student.

November 30th: 10am All About Frieda. Spend time in the Warther family home to see where Frieda worked and take an in-depth look at the button house focusing on her crafts, hobbies, and classes. Frieda was responsible for founding the Dover Garden Club, running many 4-H classes, and hosting countless workshops. The activity will be to make a 4x4 button card from scratch using patterns like Frieda did. Cost $6 per student.